Carbon Switch & Gauge Panel

Cut from a 1.5mm piece of carbon fibre, my switch and gauge panel has been made to fit a modified Toyota Starlet centre console. Labelling and branding is engraved into the carbon fibre, contrasting paint is then added to highlight the engraving.

The switch panel consists of four toggle switches which are accompanied by four LEDs which light when a circuit is active. In this case the switches are for radiator fan, power steering pump, 12v accessories, and ignition (ECU). The switches and lights are wired into a pair of Superseal 1.5 connectors for a easy fit and removal.

To finish the centre console, I designed and cut a second piece of carbon fibre which allowed me to mount a 52mm Innovate wideband gauge, and add some branding to the interior of the car by way of an engraved logo. I’m really happy with how the finished product turned out, and it looks great in the car.

From £75, please contact me for a quote.