Carbon CNC Routing

Using high quality 3K plain weave carbon fibre, unlike many low cost carbon sheets that are made by pressing two outer skins of carbon fibre over a carbon and resin core, my plates are made with layered sheets of carbon fibre and resin, making them the same strength all the way through. Care is taken to make sure that the weave is uniform, and where multiple parts are used the weave flows in the same direction for each.

Engraving the work piece and finishing with paint means you can add clear labelling or branding to your finished piece. It is also possible to screen print colour graphics over the top of your carbon part, I work with a local design and print house who are able to print supplied artwork onto your final piece. Often engraving and paint is adequate, but for those who prefer more intricate graphics and colouring, screen printing is the perfect solution.

Carbon Fibre Projects